Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Two illustrations about killing

The first is a parody of the famous 'Home taping is killing music' from the 70's, but updated for the new century. I thought that a Banksy graffiti stencil style would be apt, interesting and challenging to me.
But it was important that a hand done look was achieved. So instead of doing it all digitally, which would have been possible - I cut out my own stencil and spray painted it, overlaying it on a photo of the wall in my back yard. The final touch of a blood splatter finished it off.
The second was about the 'death' of a limited edition Jimmi Hendrix guitar before production had even begun. It was a brilliant idea by the guys at Guitarist - of a crime scene. But they thought that the grave element was a bit too much. So I went out and took a photo of some flagstones - which I actually ended up preferring - as it's a simpler design.
What I love about having a regular column is having the freedom to answer the brief in whatever medium I choose or combination of. Bringing in more of my photography into the work is really satisfying and adds that further string to my bow.
Sometimes, I am concerned about having such disparate 'styles', as all the most successful illustrator's have a distinct idiosyncratic style.
But doing it differently each time keeps it fresh and interesting to me. In a way it reminds me of the Btec/Foundation course I did in my youth - where in the morning it would be printmaking, afternoon painting etc.
At the end of the day, it's the communication of the idea that counts more than the medium anyway.