Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Another photo from a beautiful beach in Menorca, with the most crystal clear turquoise water I've ever seen. I really like this picture of various tiny people seen from above - enjoying the water. I have to fight hard not to put turquoise into every illustration I do - it's my favourite colour.

The next commission was another one for Health and Fitness Magazine. I really enjoy getting free rein on an illustration and creating a visual solution for a large article, and this was no exception. It was about the environment harming your health in various different ways. In stark contrast to the previous job I completed (below) my other slightly more humorous style worked well, with the fast food, and all the nasty things chasing the jogger.
Using my old typefaces seemed to really bring the illustration together, and my craft paper base seemed apt for the organic food bit.
I love that base green colour (inspired by a burger t shirt I have)
Changes were needed - the main one being the car - I was dubious if I could get it to look right, to be a character and being cute at the same time, but I was very pleased with the results. The rubber stamp type addition at the clients request matches the font that is used in the article.

Not had chance to blog for a while, been so busy, with a backlog of work that came in all at the same time whilst I was away. First was this article about being control freak in the home for Sainsbury's magazine. The idea was from them, which is sometimes tricky making it work exactly how the client envisions it. I suggested the house like a dolls house - as I like to work from a central image - I find it aesthetically more pleasing.
This is the first draft before some changes were made, the house was moved to the side to avoid the gutter (something you have to remember) so everything was moved around slightly.
For the feel of the image, I was thinking about old Brad Holland illustrations from years ago. For anyone that doesn't know, I think he's the godfather of modern concetpual illustration. So many people have been influenced by him (some have based their whole careers on emulating his work). His style and use of colour of course is superb, but more important than that - it's the visual metaphors and striking visual ideas where he shines.

Thursday, 2 July 2009


I've been away to sunny Spain,swimming in the sea - I'll post more photos soon.
Since I've come back I've been mega busy with loads to catch up on.
The heat in my little studio is amazing - it's super hot in the UK right now...