Tuesday, 26 January 2010


For an article about band chemistry, the brief called for a hand drawing of test tubes in an old school rack with different coloured test tubes indicating each element of the band. I loved the idea, but thought a photo would be more effective, I could just picture it in my head. The only problem was that I didn't have any test tubes. After various emails sent out to friends proved fruitless, I took another trip out to Bygone times in Chorley. After at least an hours search and about to give up, I found a set of bath salts that looked the part. I bought some food colouring, but only used one of them (the bright red), the other colours are washing up liquid. After I designed the labels, I spent a day photographing the result, (and in poor light) - and one of the first pics I took had just the right light - after quite a bit of adjusting in Photoshop.
The result is satisfying and has that bright shiny, colourful scientific look that I imagined.
I would not class myself as a photographer, but I can effectively use photography in my illustrations. What's good is being given the freedom to use whatever method fits the specific brief best.

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