Tuesday, 31 August 2010


This was a really good commission from Oxford Today magazine.
Ostensibly about DNA and the consequences of it's discovery, it was to include Darwin as a main feature along with the DNA double helix. I've not done any work like this for a while, and it's brilliant to get a commission for such an esteemed publication, read by suitably intelligent illumni.
I relished working on it, I am interested in these subjects that require proper thought, and I wanted to include enough metaphors and elements to appeal to intellectuals reading the magazine. Darwin is opening the door to the double helix, with a key that also unlocks the keyhole in his brain. He is followed by the monkey Darwin who follows him everywhere he goes. The brain of the monkey is the double helix coin from 2003. The butterflies represent the overload of information escaping. The picture in the top left hand corner is a vintage family tree. Elements such as the Origins of life book cover and inside pages, DNA fingerprints and Darwin's own handwriting appear as ghostly elements. It was like a jigsaw, fitting all the pieces together, but being careful not to overdo it.
I was really pleased with the result and so was the client.

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Andrea said...

I saw your page in Print and Pattern and had to look at your blog, your work is very inspiring and I will look forward to seeing more of your editorial work